Aching All Over

Spent the weekend surfing with five friends on the wild and windy west
coast. Having never surfed before, I'm now so sore I can barely
move. If I had to leave the house to do my job, I'd be taking the day
off I reckon.

Six of the lads going away for the weekend used to be a Very Dangerous
Thing. But this weekend we managed to stay out of trouble. Are we
getting old or were we just too tired after the surfing? I wonder ...

Never in my life have I never heard so many bad chat-up lines, though:

Boy standing in pub porch smoking. Girl runs in out of the rain and
stops. Boy, "How's it going?". Girl looks up, sees the inane drunken
grin, dismisses Boy immediately, looks back down at her phone and
starts typing a text message. Boy, "Ah, we've only just met and you're
texting me already?". Girl runs.