January 24th OpenStack Foundation Board Meeting

The OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors met for a two hour conference call on Tuesday. The usual disclaimer applies - this my informal recollection of the meeting. It’s not an official record. Jonathan Bryce has posted an official summary of the meeting.

The 2017 Board

This was the first meeting of the board since the recent Individual and Gold member director elections. As such, Alan asked each of our new directors to introduce themselves:

  • Brad Topol
  • Brian Stein
  • ChangBo Guo
  • Christopher Price
  • Joseph Wang
  • Junwei Liu
  • Russell Bryant
  • Steven Dake

Alan also thanked our outgoing board members for their contributions:

  • Alex Freedland
  • Edgar Magana
  • Manju Ramanathpura
  • Monty Taylor
  • Roland Chan
  • Raj Patel
  • Todd Moore
  • Van Lindberg

Since it's a new year, we took the opportunity to review the various policies which apply to board members:

  1. Antitrust policy
  2. Code of Conduct
  3. Transparency policy
  4. Board communication channels, including webex, foundation mailing ... list, foundation board open and confidential mailing lists, IRC, ... etherpad, and wiki.

We also took the time to review the list of board committees and invite board members to volunteer to join these via the etherpad.

Finally, we reviewed the board meeting schedule for the year, including 6 conference calls and 4 in-person meetings.

Staff Update

Mark Collier then presented an update to the board. Reflecting on our strategy, he talked about three forces that need to be in alignment - the ecosystem, the software, and our users. The slide deck gives a good view into the discussion.

Commitee Actions and Updates

Next up, the compensation gave a brief summary of their review of Jonathan's performance in 2016, which had been shared in advance with the board.

The Interop Working Group also talked through their January 2017 report and the board voted to approve the 2017.01 guideline.

Strategic Discussions

Finally, the board spent some time discussing the strategic planning discussions that started at the November meeting and continued during the December meeting. Our hope is to have a joint meeting with the Technical Committee in March to spend significant time on the topic. Allison Randal discussed various options to prepare for the meeting, including conducting one-to-one interviews or a public survey.

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