Rugby Weekend

Another big Six
rugby weekend over that saw Scotland beat Italy in the
dullest international game in a while, Wales beating France in a
breathtaking match in Paris and Ireland beating world champions
England in a tense, down-to-the-wire encounter in Dublin.

Its all looking like it'll end with a grand slam showdown between
Ireland and Wales in Cardiff. Who would have thought it?

The most bizarre example of how professionalism has changed Irish
rugby is that Brian O'Driscoll, Ireland's star centre, having strained
his hamstring was sent to this whole body
cryotherapy unit
where you get put in a freezer at below -120°C
(-184°F) for a few minutes so that you can train at four times the
inensity for the next few hours. Three weeks after an injury that
would have put players out for months and he's back on the pitch
leading the team and scoring tries.