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GNOME SVN and jhbuild

If you're wondering how to move your GNOME jhbuild from CVS now that the SVN migration has happened ... here's what I had to do.

  • Checkout jhbuild from SVN:

      $> mkdir -p /gnome/head/svn && cd /gnome/head/svn
      $> svn co svn+ssh:// ...

Mugshot Design Process

What I find most interesting about Mughsot is the team's total and no-bullshit commitment to making new and interesting software which doesn't suck.

I love the way they say their design process "isn't a checklist of activites you must do - it's an idea list, suggestions for ...

GObject Private Data (again)

Aren't discussions via blogs fun? :)

Federico: two points:

  1. Using the new GObject instance private data API, rather than the private data scheme that GNOME hackers have always used, is a small optimization in itself - the private data is allocated in the same chunk as the object itself.

    As with ...

GObject Private Data

Federico: the combination of a "*priv" field and GObject private data is the best way to go:

struct _PangoFcFont
   gpointer priv;

#define PANGO_FC_FONT_GET_PRIVATE(obj) ((PangoFcFontPrivate *) ((PangoFcFont *) obj)->priv)

static void
pango_fc_font_class_init (PangoFcFontClass *class)
  g_type_class_add_private (object_class, sizeof (PangoFcFontPrivate));

static void
pango_fc_font_init (PangoFcFont *fcfont)
  fcfont->priv = G_TYPE_INSTANCE_GET_PRIVATE (fcfont, PANGO_TYPE_FC_FONT, PangoFcFontPrivate)

Indeed, that ...