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Architecture Astronauts

I'd read some of Joel's articles
before, not never really got around to reading a lot of them. Maybe its
because I hate reading long articles on a computer; maybe its because I
only became aware of his stuff well after he was at his most prolific.

Anyway ...


A nice little pile of books arrived from Amazon yesterday for
my birthday. Being a slow reader, that should keep me going
for a good few months :-)

The one I've started with, "Unlocking the Sky: Glen Hammond
Curtiss and the Race to Invent the Airplane", was Tiemann's
recommendation ...


I knew of Wikipedia's existence, and
I knew what it was, but I'd never really spent any amount of time looking at
it. Seth was babbling happily about
it at one point while I was in Westford so I went and took a good look. What
really strikes ...